What are the delivery times for my zip code and where can I find the information on the website?

The delivery times differ by zip codes, some zip code orders get delivered same day if placed before 4:30 PM that day. Delivery window is between 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Please note delivery days are NOT 7 days a week for some areas. To know deliver days for your zip code please email us administrator@kiryanna.com.

Zip CodeStateCountyCityDistance
08535NJMonmouthMillstone Township4.34
08550NJMercerPrinceton Junction6.2
08510NJMonmouthMillstone Township6.2
08831NJMiddlesexMonroe Township7.44
08514NJMonmouthCream Ridge8.06
08852NJMiddlesexMonmouth Junction9.92
08648NJMercerLawrence Township10.54
08533NJOceanNew Egypt11.78
08824NJMiddlesexKendall Park11.78

What are Customized Shopping Lists

You can create your custom shopping lists in your account for the items you buy often and have them added to your cart all at once. This helps avoid searching for the same products again on the Kiryanna portal. Think of them as your Grocery Buttons. We will working on expanding the feature to have more than one custom list to make shopping easier.

How can I enroll for Kiryanna membership?

Once the feature is available and active It would be easy to enroll. Shop your groceries as usual and in the end select the membership plan you wish to enroll. After you checkout and pay, it takes 24 hours for the membership to take effect.

How does the points system work at Kiryanna when I buy groceries? What’s the accrual rate and redemption rate?

Points are earned each time you shop based on your membership status. Premier members will earn 2x the points each time they shop. Redemption rate is same across the board and the rate is shown during checkout. A snapshot of the points can be obtained by checking the “Points” tab under the account profile of the customer.

What is Kiryanna membership?

Kiryanna member ship is a subscription based membership for our loyal customers. Under the membership perks, Members will receive free deliveries on all orders over $49, avail special offers from Kiryanna and earn 2x reward points each time for shopping.
Please note points expire after 18 months from when they hit the account. So please make sure you use the points as soon as you deem impactful to discount your order.

What are busy days for Kiryanna so that I can avoid getting my delivery towards the end of the delivery window?

Kiryanna days are lighter on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. Orders placed for delivery these days will have early delivery times.

Do you ship via USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc?

We are starting local deliveries in certain New Jersey Zip Codes and can ship only non perishable in other parts of USA. If you order non perishables we can deliver them via USPS. We will be expanding in other zip code and cities pretty soon.

The delivery time is till 11 pm. It’s late for some early risers. Can I get my delivery before 11 pm?

The 11 pm delivery time is a temporary window while we add morning schedules to our delivery times on busy days like weekends and Monday.

Do you deliver to West Coast or other parts of USA?

We can deliver non perishable products to all states of United States and will be expanding to other areas soon for local deliveries..

Do I have to tip the delivery associate?

Our delivery associates work tirelessly to ensure the orders are delivered on-time, per the policies set forth keeping our member needs in mind. Although members don’t have to tip them, any and every gesture to appreciate their effort is gratefully welcomed.
Also note, the delivery fee is not a gratuity for any of our employees who deliver or is otherwise involved with the delivery of your order and will not be given to any such employee as a gratuity.

How do the refunds get processed?

Refunds are processed back to the Credit /Debit card on the day of delivery between 7 PM and 9 PM Eastern Time, and takes anywhere between 3-5 days to show up on the card depending on the Credit/Debit card bank issuer.

If some items are not in stock or listed, can I request for them to be added?

Yes, the notes section allows for members to list items they may like added or changed based on any availability (or lack thereof) that they witness on the site. Payment will taken be via phone OR automatically processed if the card info is saved using Kiryanna app.

Can I cancel my order after I have placed it?

Yes, you may cancel your order by sending us an email at administrator@kiryanna.com and texting us @ 732.641.0131 before 1 PM on the day of scheduled delivery. Orders cancelled after that time will be subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the total order amount billed to the credit/debit card.

Can I change my order after I have placed it?

No, ideally we will not allow orders to be changed online. You may however email us regarding the changes and we will try our best to implement those during fulfillment. Payment will be taken be via phone OR automatically processed if the card info is saved using Kiryanna app.

Whom do I contact in case of items missing/damaged on transit OR refund related questions?

We suggest emailing us at administrator@kiryanna.com for any questions or concerns for the quickest turnaround.

What if I am not home for delivery?

We’ll always try to deliver your order directly to you in the time frame specified. If your building has a door-person, you may authorize them to receive orders on your behalf. After your second order, we recommend selecting a neighbor to receive your order in case you’re not at home when we arrive. You must email us at storemanager@kiryanna.com to let us know that you won’t be home. Please note your authorized designate is responsible for keeping your perishable items cold and your frozen items frozen until you pick them up, so choose a neighbor you know and like — and be sure to ask their permission first. Likewise for security at the front desk OR concierge.If you live in suburban areas, we encourage unattended delivery by clearly delineating instructions for Kiryanna to drop the delivery when you aren’t home if you need to run out during your delivery time slot.

Should I call and confirm what the delivery time will be. Can I expedite the delivery time by calling the number?

No, calling our helpline will not expedite the process of delivery. Please note, orders are routed daily based on volumes and traffic patterns based on an algorithm. Unless the order is an expedited order that is paid for during placing the order, by the customer, we will not be able to prioritize the delivery.

Do drivers contact me before coming over for delivery?

Drivers will place a call before heading your way for delivery. It is members’ responsibility to ensure they answer calls from our delivery associates (drivers) because any waiting on their part delays other deliveries in the pipeline. To avoid such delays we usually drop the deliveries at the security/front desk/ or members’ home door step. For those homes where it’s not possible for a drop off, we will take the delivery back for drop-off the next day subject to a re-delivery fee.
We encourage our members to answer calls placed by our delivery associates during the delivery time slot to ensure a seamless experience for themselves and others after them.

How/What can i return?

You can return non-dairy product to the local store. Please email administrator@kiryanna.com in advance to get the refunds and return the products in the local store

How can I become vendor on Kiryanna Portal.

We are working on bringing more vendors on our Marketplace to get more products online. Please contact us at administrator@kiryanna.com or call us at 1.844.547.9262.